Project Description

Pro Forma / Financial Model Audit

The Pro Forma / Financial Model analysis is a comprehensive review of your existing financial model. We go through the nitty gritty of all of your assumptions, formulas, and expectations around revenues and costs to yield a complete audit of your pro forma for internal and external validation.

After completing our audit, we will issue a report with red & yellow flags as well as recommendations for resolving any potential issues. Once all the red and yellow flags have been addressed, we issue a “Validated by Cannabis Big Data” to use in pitches with your investors and partners.

Analysis Highlights

Good For

Retail Stores, Dispensaries, Cultivators, Manufacturers, Ancillary Businesses

Primary Use-case

Validating financial model for internal planning and pitching investors

Data Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Typical Fee per License / Entity

$1250 one-time fee
(bulk discounting applies for multiple licenses / entities)

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