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Our cannabis data toolkit has 5 offerings

The Cannabis Big Data toolkit has 5 industry-leading offerings for licensed and ancillary cannabis businesses:

  1. Data Pipes – software integrations and normalized data models as a service
  2. Data Tools – reports, analytics, dashboards, and predictive models built on top of our Data Pipes
  3. Data Coaching – use our data playbooks, analytics storybooks, and propriety SCORE method™ to achieve Cannabis Data Mastery™
  4. Data Skills – custom consulting projects and full data stack development
  5. Data Resources – free tools, webinars, articles, and other resources to educate and empower the industry

Cannabis Big Data does not resell or repackage your data – ever. Your data is your data, and we make sure to keep it that way. To learn more, see how we compare to other cannabis data providers.

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Industry leaders choose Cannabis Big Data
to activate their data

Most cannabis business owners, managers, and employees know data is important, they just don’t know how to level up what they’re already doing today.

Cannabis Big Data is the industry expert on cannabis business data integrations, analytics, and business intelligence. Just a few of the reasons our customers choose to work with us:

  • Over 4 years experience working with cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail cannabis data
  • Industry’s largest (and growing!) library of software integrations
  • Software is simple, intuitive, and easy to understand for every experience level
  • Fraction of the time and cost of building reports & data practice in-house
  • Existing library of data playbooks & analytics storybooks to guide teams
  • Teams of any size can afford a powerful data toolkit


Understand your data intuitively with interactive dashboards


Make data-driven decisions with actionable insights


Integrate your teams & platforms with automated data syncing


Increase revenue & decrease costs with a dialed data practice

Experience the ease, empowerment, and profits of activating your data superpowers.

From beginners to veterans, we use our proprietary SCORE method, Data Storybooks, and Data Playbooks and to guide you to Cannabis Data Mastery™.

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