Project Description

Company Valuation

The Company Valuation analysis is a deep insight into the value of your company. We go through the nitty gritty of all of your accounting, products, customers, and team (when relevant) to identify an expected valuation for selling your business or gaining new investors.

After completing our audit, we will issue a report with red & yellow flags as well as recommendations for resolving any potential issues. Once all the red and yellow flags have been addressed, we issue a “Validated by Cannabis Big Data” to use in pitches with your investors and partners.

Analysis Highlights

Good For

Retail Stores, Dispensaries, Cultivators, Manufacturers, Ancillary Businesses

Primary Use-case

Validating company valuation for pitching to investors & sales brokers

Data Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Typical Fee per License / Entity

$1750 one-time fee
(bulk discounting applies for multiple licenses / entities)

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