Key Takeaways:

  • There are many different software options for cannabis manufacturers
  • Many provide multiple features for other business verticals
  • Make sure to know what you need and shop around before signing a contract

Software companies for cannabis extractors & manufacturers

You’ve got a fantastic building, cleared all your licensing and permitting, and have plenty of products that you’re ready to make – but how do you keep track of all your recipes, batches and operations? We already wrote about how data can help you understand your products, and that data typically comes from your seed-to-sale software.

Unlike software for cultivators or retailers, cannabis-specific software for extractors and manufacturers tends to come bundled in larger softwares that operate with other verticals. In some cases, manufacturers may also use software from the restaurant, processed foods, or pharmaceutical laboratory industries, and we do not cover those systems here.

Seed-to-sale software with tools for cannabis extractors, kitchens, and product manufacturers


Metrc was created in 2013 by Franwell, a supply chain technology company with a large footprint in many industries, for the initial cannabis rollout in Colorado. Since then it has grown extensively and is currently the system of record for 11 states (including California and Colorado). Metrc was developed to meet the needs of the state, so it isn’t really geared to the nuances of detailed manufacturing processes, but if you’re already required to run Metrc then it’s limited functionality may be sufficient for your tracking needs.


BioTrackTHC was founded in 2010 by a group of technologists and business people and won their first state contract in 2013 with the state of Washington.  BioTrack is currently the system of record for 7 states, and they also offer a solution for manufacturers in addition to all their other features.

MJ Freeway

MJFreeway was founded in 2010 by a group of technology and business professionals and is one of the oldest seed-to-sale companies on the market.  They have had mixed media attention for their rapid growth as well as challenges with hacks and data security. MJFreeway offers a wide array of features for every cannabis vertical, including extractors and manufacturers.

Guardian Data Systems

Guardian Data Systems has extensive software offerings for every vertical of the cannabis industry, including laboratories and ancillary companies.  Their ROAR system is billed as a full ERP for vertical business integration.

Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences messages itself as an enterprise ERP for all industry verticals and is unique in that it also offer a solution for tracking accounting and financials.


Flourish is a seed-to-sale tracking system that also has a companion barcode scanner app for your phone.  They offer solutions for manufacturing and processing as well as cultivation.


Trellis is a seed-to-sale software with a particular focus on cultivators and extractors (but not edibles manufacturers).  They have a dedicated support fleet in California.


Agrisoft is a seed-to-sale software that is a subsidiary of Kind Financial.  They have a dedicated module for infused products manufacturers.


MotaLogistics is a comprehensive ERP and seed-to-software solution with a variety of applications for various industry verticals, including a simplified POS.

It’s possible that you can get everything you want for your manufacturing facility from your mandated seed-to-sale platform.  If not, there are plenty more options to choose from.

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