Key Takeaways:

  • There are many different software options for cannabis stores
  • Many provide multiple features for other business verticals
  • Make sure to know what you need and shop around before signing a contract

Software companies for cannabis dispensaries & retail stores

You’ve built out a beautiful space in a terrific location, you’ve got the best product around, but how do you sell to your patients or customers in an efficient and compliant way?  We already wrote about how data can help you understand your customers, and that data typically comes from your point-of-sale (POS) software.

There are many different POS systems on the market, and they generally fall into 2 buckets:

  1. All vertical seed-to-sale that also processes orders
  2. Seed-to-sale for cultivators and retailers
  3. Dedicated POS that integrates with your seed-to-sale

Seed-to-sale software with POS for elements every cannabis vertical

The largest US seed-to-sale company, METRC, does not currently operate as a point-of-sale, but there are many other companies out there that offer seed-to-sale for cultivators and manufacturers as well as POS functionality.

The upside of using one of these tools is that you can coordinate multiple departments and teams inside one software. The downside is that sometimes these systems are better for cultivations or manufacturers and don’t offer all the features and elements that you want in your store’s POS system.

Here is a short list of seed-to-sale softwares in the United States with POS features:


BioTrackTHC was founded in 2010 by a group of technologists and business people and won their first state contract in 2013 with the state of Washington.  BioTrack is currently the system of record for 7 states, and they also offer a solution for manufacturers in addition to all their other features.

MJ Freeway

MJFreeway was founded in 2010 by a group of technology and business professionals and is one of the oldest seed-to-sale companies on the market.  They have had mixed media attention for their rapid growth as well as challenges with hacks and data security. MJFreeway offers a wide array of features for every cannabis vertical, including extractors and manufacturers.

Guardian Data Systems

Guardian Data Systems has extensive software offerings for every vertical of the cannabis industry, including laboratories and ancillary companies.  Their ROAR system is billed as a full ERP for vertical business integration.

Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences messages itself as an enterprise ERP for all industry verticals and is unique in that it also offer a solution for tracking accounting and financials.


Agrisoft is a seed-to-sale software that is a subsidiary of Kind Financial.  They have a dedicated module for their POS.

365 Cannabis

365 Cannabis is Microsoft’s entry into the cannabis industry adapting it’s Dynamics 365 platform to the cannabis industry.

Leaf Logix

Leaf Logix is a vertically integrated solution with tools for cultivators, processors and a point-of-sale.


MotaLogistics is a comprehensive ERP and seed-to-software solution with a variety of applications for various industry verticals, including a simplified POS.

It’s possible that you can get everything you want for your dispensary or cannabis retail POS with a more comprehensive seed-to-sale software package.  If not, there are plenty more options to choose from.

Seed-to-sale + POS software for cannabis cultivators and retailers

If you do not operate a cannabis manufacturing facility, the larger and more expensive seed-to-sale software options can be too much for your needs.  There are a few companies that are focused exclusively on cultivations & retailers.

Flow Hub

Flow Hub is a seed-to-sale solution with features for cultivators and retailers (but not manufacturers).  They have a variety of hardware integrations including mobile scanning for barcodes as well as a labels & packaging.


Proteus420 is focused on medical marijuana doctors and dispensaries, as well as some functionality for cultivations and delivery businesses.

Dedicated cannabis POS software

There are a handful of dedicated POS systems that do not try to be all things to all people.  On the one hand, each new system creates more implementation time, potentially higher costs, and additional links in the chain that can break.  More to the point, these POS-only software companies have the opportunity to do one thing really well – sell product to your patients and customers.

Here are some options for dedicated cannabis POS softwares.

Green Bits

Green Bits was founded in 2014 and has offices in San Jose, CA and Portland, OR.  They are a technology-first team with a significant customer base across the United States.


Cova is a relatively new software solution focused exclusively on dispensaries and retailers.  They grew out of a larger technology company providing POS software for other industries, and they also offer touch-screen menus and digital signage.


Anthea is a cannabis retail solution adapted from existing software created for other industries.  They have offices in Colorado and New Hampshire.


Yobi is another relatively new entrant that is working to simplify and streamline the cannabis POS experience.


IndicaOnline is a dedicated POS solution for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services.

Web Joint

Web Joint messages a wide array of functionality on their site, but currently appears to only offer POS features.  They also have a website builder for stores looking to develop their online presence.

Other cannabis POS solutions in Canada

Ample Organics

Ample Organics is the leading seed-to-sale company in Canada and has an impressive footprint.  They do not currently operate in the United States but may expand here in the future.


TechPOS offers integrated POS solutions for dispensaries in Canada.


Greenline is a simple and intuitive cloud-based POS with a strong footprint in Canada.

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