Key Highlights:

  • There are a number of data companies in the cannabis industry
  • Most of the products focus on some level of market-level aggregation
  • A handful of companies offer individual consulting
  • Picking the right companies and products for your needs depends on your goals, opportunities, and challenges

Complete list of all cannabis data companies

There are a number of companies focusing on data in the cannabis industry, and each of them serves a specific need for licensed and ancillary cannabis companies.  These companies include:

  1. BDS Analytics
  2. New Frontier
  3. Headset
  4. Brightfield Group
  5. Jade Insights (out of business)
  6. Zephyr
  7. Cannabis Benchmarks
  8. Cannabis Big Data

BDS Analytics

BDS Analytics is a market aggregator focused on retail sales data, consumer surveys, and high-level industry analysis.  They answer questions such as product market share, market size, and the competitive landscape. BDS’s published data usually has a month lag, depending on the market.

New Frontier

New Frontier is also a market aggregator focused on retail sales data and industry analysis.  Their Equio platform compiles a wide array of information for public markets, industry news, and their aggregated data set.  New Frontier also works with government agencies and offers custom analysis.


Headset also has a product for market-level aggregation and prides itself on having more real-time data available for its customers.  In addition to their market aggregation, they also offer analytic features to retailers and a connection between retailers and vendors.

Brightfield Group

Brightfield Group also has a product for market-level aggregation and an interesting approach to modeling out and presenting information state-by-state for cannabis and CBD.  They offer a compelling free report as well as additional services for market research and predictive consumer insights.

Jade Insights

Jade Insights used to focus on the supply chain with their METRC integration and private consulting.  They are no longer operational.


Zephyr focuses on consumer and product data, predominantly for product manufacturers and retailers.  They also reference their API for other software developers to integrate with their dataset.

Cannabis Benchmarks

Cannabis Benchmarks is a price and cost aggregator for wholesale cannabis.  Their team comes from a commodity markets background and they offer valuable benchmark data for cultivator, manufacturers, retailers, and investors.

Cannabis Big Data

Cannabis Big Data is a comprehensive data toolkit that plugs into any data source including seed-to-sale, point of sale, accounting, marketing, internal spreadsheets, cultivation sensors, and any other source.  Our focus is providing simple and intuitive actionable insights that enable licensed cannabis businesses to earn more and stress less.

Your data has value, so how can you best unlock its power?

It’s clear that there is a tremendous amount of value in effectively utilizing internal and external data to grow your company and your profits.  The type of the data that you need, and the best company to support your needs, depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and the information you need to get there.  If you’re trying to compare yourself against the market average or your competitors, you’ll need a very different solution than if you’re working to optimize your existing production, manufacturing, and sales operations.  You’ll also need to be aware of software integrations to make sure your team is never wasting time doing double data entry.

Do you have a clear idea of your current challenges and opportunities?  Do you need help navigating all the options and tools at your fingertips?  We always love to hear from you on our contact page and are happy to give you an unbiased perspective on who will best serve your needs.  If you’d like to chat your specific business and needs, feel free to schedule a free data consultation.

We firmly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and if we can help you (and our data peers) succeed in this rapidly growing market, it is our honor and pleasure to do so.

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