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Cultivations and grows plant, grow, harvest, and process raw cannabis flower for manufacturing or for retail.  These can be indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor operations, and each one has overlapping and unique considerations.

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Featured modules for cultivations & grows

Cultivations and grows, like any agriculture or horticulture business, need to be aware of their inputs, cycles, and outputs as well as their finances and fixed assets.  The modules below enable owners and managers to track their yields, revenue, energy, costs, taxes, and much more.

Entry-level modules & analytics for those beginning to unlock their data

These modules are great for cultivations that are getting started with using data to navigate their grow operations.  The modules below are easier to implement and simpler to roll out to the whole team.

Next level modules & analytics for those with a solid data foundation

These modules are perfect for cultivations that have already implemented some reports and data tools and are looking to further level up their team and their grow.  The modules below have slightly more nuanced considerations and are intended for teams well-versed in your existing data solutions.

Expert modules & analytics for those with a rigorous data-driven culture

These modules are fantastic for more mature cultivations that are focused on putting themselves leaps and bounds ahead of every other grow in this industry.  The modules below require diligent focus for implementation and will yield immense returns from their comprehensive data mastery.

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