Data analytics & business intelligence tools for cannabis businesses & organizations

Cannabis Big Data provides the most flexible and comprehensive data toolkit for the cannabis industry.  We act as your in-house data experts, without the expensive and consuming headache of hiring and managing an analytics department.

We offer customizable modules, deep-dive analytics, and bundled packages for licensed and ancillary businesses as well as investors, governments, media companies and non-profits across the cannabis ecosystem.  Our extensive integrations and simple software mean you can quickly and intuitively unlock the actionable insights in your data.

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We serve cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, and all those that support or regulate cannabis businesses

Cannabis Big Data enables licensed cannabis businesses to increase profit, efficiency, and peace of mind with an integrated & intuitive data toolkit.  We have dedicated modules, analytics, and packages for:

We also have data solutions for other stakeholders in the cannabis value chain including ancillary companies, investors, governments, media companies and non-profits.  If you’re interested in chatting with us about a data project on your mind, please drop us a direct line or get started with a free data consult.

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Unlock actionable insights with individual data modules

Data modules are integrated & automated data visualizations that provide recurring actionable insights.  Modules have out-of-the-box integrations, reports, and dashboards that can be custom-tailored to your specific team and needs.  Our modules are broken out by category to answer questions relating to:

  • Revenue
  • Costs
  • Yields
  • Customers
  • Pricing
  • Operations
  • And much more …

Our experienced analysts work with you to identify your goals then launch your modules and train your team to unlock the value in your data.  If you want some help on where to start, we offer a free data consult, or you can read more about our full list of modules.

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Drill deep with single serve analyses & data projects

Cannabis Big Data offers one-time reports, whitepapers, and consulting to support your sales, marketing, operations, investment, and other priorities.  Analytics are great for strategic initiatives and data discovery to build assets for and gain understanding around:

  • Investor relations and fundraising
  • Secret shopper for retail locations
  • Competitive offering benchmarks
  • Internal audits
  • Data porting

We also offer custom consulting engagements for more specific projects, so if you don’t see what you need, please connect with us to let us know what you had in mind.

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Fast track your team with flexible data packages

Data packages are bundles of modules and analytics that offer a comprehensive set of tools and actionable insights.  Our packages are organized into the following areas of focus:

  • Increase Revenue
  • Decrease Costs
  • Improve Operations
  • Expand Locations
  • Understand Customers
  • Prepare for Investors / Sale
  • Achieve Goals

Our dedicated success managers help you build the package that meets your specific needs today while recognizing how you’d like to grow tomorrow.   If you want to start the conversation, let’s chat with your free data consult, or you can read more about our full list of packages.

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Connect your data dots with automated & seamless integrations

Cannabis Big Data plugs in to any available data source, internal or external, so you never do duplicate data entry.  We’ve integrated with close to a hundred sources spanning softwares & functional areas such as:

  • Seed to sale / track and trace
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Accounting
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • HR / Payroll
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Files & spreadsheets
  • And much more …

We also plug in directly to a wide array of database systems (i.e. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle) as well as publicly available information (i.e. Census, NIH, CDC, state disclosures) to provide the most comprehensive data offering in the industry.  We are constantly expanding our list so check out our full list of integrations or if there is something you’re using that you don’t see, please let us know directly and we’re happy to get you connected.

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