Develop your data-driven cannabis investor thesis & automated deal analyzer

The cannabis industry is growing at an incredible rate and it’s accelerating rapidly.

Investors like you from around the world are keying into an unprecedented opportunity for return on investment (ROI), but how can you quickly and efficiently identify the deals that match how and where you like to deploy capital?

Our answer is easy: create a data-driven investor thesis & algorithmic deal analyzer to simplify your deal flow.  That can be hard or impossible for most cannabis investors, so we created a free tool for you to optimize your time, your portfolio, and your ROI.

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What you get with your FREE data-driven investor toolkit

Distilled investor profile with all your key considerations

We ask you every question that a qualified entrepreneur would ever ask, and we do it in a simple, intuitive, and actionable format.  Save time and energy in by repeating yourself with entrepreneurs (and your own prospective investors) by sharing your one-page investor thesis.

Custom-tailored deal analyzer to save you time, energy, and money

With our bespoke deal analyzer, you can quickly and easily see if any deal potential is compatible with and how well they match your investor thesis.  With our proprietary deal matching algorithm and predictive recommendations, you can use your lightning fast workbook to focus on the deals best suited for you and your team.

Unique entrepreneur link to automate data-driven deal flow analysis

You can fill out your customized deal analyzer yourself, or you can send your prospective deal a simple link and we’ll automate the process for you!  Once the company fills out their profile, we’ll auto-magically fill in your deal analyzer and let you know if they fit your data-driven investor thesis.  Save even more time and energy by removing the need for cumbersome qualifying calls and manual data entry in your workbook.

Curated news, events, and deals that are specific to your unique criteria

When you sign up with any of our industry partners, you’ll start receiving specific and targeted news, events, and deal opportunities focused on your unique investor thesis.  Save that much more time and energy by letting others do the research and sourcing for you, and only get what is relevant to you!

Quarterly reports with trends and insights from the global cannabis investor community

Compare and contrast your investor thesis with the aggregate across the entire global cannabis community.  Every investor with a complete submission will receive a quarterly newsletter with the latest and greatest trends and insights from around the cannabis investor world.

Increase ROI with your custom data-driven deal analyzer

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