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In this guest post from Grower’s Network, we listen in on a conversation with Todd Kleperis from Hard Car Security.  Todd served 6 years in the US Army during the original Desert Storm and has spent 15 years designing security plans and products for companies throughout Asia.

You can read the full conversation about store & cyber security here at Grower’s Network.

Securing Your Cyber Business

How do you defend your business?

A company called DarkTrace uses a heuristic method to detect intrusions. The first week DarkTrace is active, it learns the behavior of your business and employees. By the second week, it is protecting your systems from anomalies.

How do you train employees for cyber threats?

A company called KnowBe4 has a training simulator for phishing and hacking attempts. It sends out unscripted messages to trick employees, with a strange-looking link. It trains employees to recognize when something doesn’t look right.

What’s the goal of phishing?

The majority of attackers are looking for credit card(s) to get a dollar or two. If you ever notice your credit card is getting charged random, small amounts of less than $15, somebody phished you.

How do you prepare for something going wrong?

You build redundancies. They need to be implemented prior to a major event by your IT personnel. Be proactive about implementing redundancies for your systems.

What are some other considerations when it comes to cyber security?

Look at the Whole System

I was recently at a big grow site. They had their entire system on an open WiFi network: computers, sensors, controllers, etc. A saboteur could shut it all down, kill their harvest, and listen while they cried.

Know Your Risks

Each kind of business has different needs:

  • Dispensaries are targets for thieves and robbers. Physical security is essential.
  • Deliveries have to worry about robbery during their deliveries.
  • Online ordering is becoming a big deal and customer information must be protected.
  • Any online business needs to prioritize cybersecurity. It would be catastrophic if somebody knew customer information and order history.

Protect Yourself

If somebody has access to your phone, they might be able to access other systems. Avoid free WiFi networks for this reason. Alternatively, make or use a VPN.

This article has been paraphrased with permission from Growers Network.  You can read the full article here.

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