Project Description

Marketing & Sales Campaign Return on Investment (ROI)

The Marketing & Sales Campaign ROI module enables managers and marketers at retail stores, cultivations, product manufacturers and ancillary companies to quickly understand the performance of any individual or group of marketing & sales campaigns.  This module is often paired with the Store Margin Dashboard module to drill into specific sales or purchase orders from a campaign.

Module Highlights

Good For

Retail Stores, Dispensaries, Cultivators, Manufacturers, Ancillary Businesses

Primary Use-case

Tracking marketing & sales campaign performance + planning future campaigns

Data Level

Intermediate, Advanced

Typical Fee per License

$800 sign-up* + $250 / month
(bulk discounting applies for multiple licenses)

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*Our sign-up fee covers source integration, data normalization & a 1-hour training session for all users. The final price is based on your specific data streams and will be reflected in your formal proposal. We offer average pricing here for reference only.

Typical data sources:
  • Point of Sale software
  • Purchase Order software
  • CRM
  • Marketing software
  • Accounting software
  • Internal spreadsheets
Actionable insights:
  • Increasing revenue
  • Decreasing costs
  • Identifying successful properties, creative & offers
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