Project Description

Manufacturing Batch Deep Dive

The Manufacturing Batch Deep Dive module enables owners & operators at concentrate, edible, and topical product manufacturers to drill down to step-over-step yields for any batch within their production workflow.  This module is often paired with the Manufacturing Facility Overview moduleBatch Comparison module, and the Split Testing module to gain deeper clarity on overall throughput and optimizations.

Module Highlights

Good For

Concentrate, Edibles, Topicals and Infused-Product Manufacturers

Primary Use-case

Drilling in to step-by-step efficiency for each product batch

Data Level


Typical Fee per License

$900 sign-up* + $150 / month
(bulk discounting applies for multiple licenses)

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*Our sign-up fee covers source integration, data normalization & a 1-hour training session for all users. The final price is based on your specific data streams and will be reflected in your formal proposal. We offer average pricing here for reference only.

Typical data sources:
  • Seed to sale software
  • Accounting software
  • Internal spreadsheets
  • Laboratory Information Systems software
  • Commercial Kitchen software
  • Paper records
Actionable insights:
  • Most & least efficient production batches
  • Workflow optimization
  • Pinpointing the exact step of unprofitable batches
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