The Blooming Benchmark ©

A forever free data tool to empower and enhance environmental sustainability in the cannabis industry

The Blooming Benchmark empowers cannabis businesses to track, trend, and benchmark environmental data in a secure and actionable way.  This online tool was collaboratively developed by multiple agencies and experts to unify and inspire cannabis businesses to green the industry with environmental improvements and sustainability efforts.

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How it works (in 3 easy steps):

1) Submit your data

Submit your data to quantify and track your environmental metrics

Our simple & intuitive data submission form makes it easy for you to submit your production, energy, fuel, water, and waste data.  We are focused on the most important environmental and business factors that can lead to a more sustainable (and more profitable!) business.

2) Review your results

Review your benchmarks and how you compare to others in the industry

Our tool allows you to see how you compare to your industry peers in a way that is safe, secure, and anonymous.  Your data is your data, and it will always stay your data! We always de-identify and anonymize your data to identify industry-specific best management practices associated with increased profit margins and environmental benefits.

3) Achieve your goals

Implement changes to achieve your sustainability goals

Now that you know how you stack up, and where you have areas of opportunity, define your goals and implement the changes that will drive success. If you need any help, our team is happy to connect and share more insights to green our industry together.

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About Us

For how much green the cannabis industry cultivates, the environmental footprint of growing cannabis is staggeringly high.  From energy to water to waste, cannabis operations are dramatically impacting Colorado and every other legal cannabis market. We can, and will, do better with the power of data!

The Blooming Benchmarks © helps you better understand your resource usage and is an important first step for any cannabis business interested in helping create a more sustainable industry.  Together, we will make an incredible and positive movement to green the cannabis industry.

Contact info for every partner:

  • Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment – Kaitlin Urso
  • The Cannabis Conservancy – Jacob
  • Sustainabis – Jake
  • Cannabis Big Data – Henry Finkelstein

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the data I submit?

Your data is *always* your data!  Our team only has the rights to de-identify and aggregate your data for modeling and benchmarking purposes, and we will never resell your data to 3rd parties.  Your data is yours and yours alone, and we like to keep it that way.

How can I prepare?

To submit your data, you’ll need to provide us with APIs, PDFs, or spreadsheets.  You can prepare ahead by getting organized with each of the following items, or using our linked templates to fill out our standardized format.

How do you make money?

Not from this forever free Blooming Benchmark © tool!  For each of the partners:

  • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is a public office and is not a business so it does not make money
  • Sustainabis is a cannabis-specific environmental consulting firm and makes money from empowering cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers to improve profits with strategic sustainability improvements
  • The Cannabis Conservancy is a cannabis-specific certification and consulting firm that provides environmental certifications to licensed businesses and also helps them improve their environmental footprint.
  • Cannabis Big Data is a cannabis-specific analytics and business intelligence firm that provides data pipes and data tools to ancillary and licensed businesses.  That means integrating and automating data streams (pipes) to ultimately build reports, analytics, dashboards, and predictive models (tools) that enable businesses to earn more and stress less.

We all work in and support the cannabis industry, and we are all dedicated to improving how the industry we love impacts the planet we adore.  That’s why we all came together to build and offer a free tool that makes it simple and easy for you to track and improve your Blooming Benchmark ©

Achieve your sustainability goals

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